How can I help you?


Since 1997, my work as an independent technical editor has helped to bring some of the largest and most innovative infrastructure projects to our region. I work with engineers, scientists, and innovators every day to ensure technical reports are clearly written, accurate and, in many cases, legally defensible. My experience with document layout and design has been crucial on time-sensitive projects. With strong knowledge of Microsoft Suite, Adobe, template management, and version control, I work hard to be an asset to your technical team.


As a business owner, targeting your marketing efforts is the key to growth. Implementing the right style and focus will show off your company or your project in its most flattering light.  I’ve written copy for a variety of businesses—small and large—from catalogs, to e-books, to product launch and promotion. On the web or in print, I’ll help you craft the right voice and messages that gain customers’ attention and trust.


On creative works like books and articles, my focus is on helping an author tell a great story—clarifying key messages, improving tone, and refining the language, when necessary—without compromising the author’s true voice or the original intent of the work. The collaboration between a writer and an editor should be a relationship of mutual respect. I work to make that my standard. In the spirit of good teamwork, great things can happen.